STEP, Ltd. 

STEP is a Proud Member of: 


St. Louis AgriBusiness


STEP has the experience, flexibility, and capabilty to provide customized and dedicated support for YOUR specific needs. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to...  

  • Specializing in support of proper stewardship and compliance for today’s broad range of Agricultural Trait Technology Seed
  • On-location visits and customized, targeted training for your Seed Dealer network
  • Grower visits and education
  • Educate and support compliance of:
    • IRM (including On-farm Assessments)
    • Grower Licensing
    • Intellectual Property
    • Proper Sales Reporting
    • Trait Royalty integrity
  • Program Integrity & Compliance
    • Replant, Rebate, Marketing, etc.
  • Special Projects:
    • Grain Marketing Support
    • Inventory Collection and Reporting (on-site visits)
    • GPS Coordinates
    • Nothing is too large or too small


For more information on how STEP provides support for these items, please visit our Resources Page or Contact Us for more information.